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Editing Descriptions After The Fact?

Microscope Journal Forums Microscope Journal Issues Editing Descriptions After The Fact?


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    Risus Monkey

    Is there any way to edit a description after the fact? Retcons have happened in our group and occasionally the name of a period or event will crystallize as stuff gets added to it.

    (If it is not posse then this becomes a suggested feature)

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    The current state is that you can edit the most recently added piece of history (when in a history-editing phase of play). We had it that way thinking that there might be something that was missed when history was made, but at the same time didn’t want to encourage “revisionist history” down the line (for what that’s worth).

    If people want it editable at any time that can certainly be requested feature. My question back would be is it sufficient to just have the description editable, as I would think the tone would remain constant.

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    Risus Monkey

    Yes, editing the description after the fact is what I’m talking about. And there is a (small) revisionist element, but mostly it’s for correcting embarrassing typos and such.

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    This is enabled in the next update (v1.0.3).

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    Michael Glasser

    I just got this program… am entering a game that my wife and I have started but have found if I make a typo I still cannot correct it (or change wording to better fit what we discussed, etc.). Also, when I entered players it “decided” who was going first – I was supposed to but it would not let me change that (all I have entered so far are the beginning and ending periods and the palette).

    How can I edit such things?

    By the way, while we have only just started to play the game (and are both still learning some of the details) we love it… enough where this is one of only two or three programs I have ever paid for on my iPod… I am cheap and usually only get free programs. 🙂

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    Michael Glasser

    Ok, figured out how to edit Periods… but cannot edit the name of the big Picture, the Palette, which player is first, etc. Have not entered any Events or Scenes but assume those can be edited as Periods can.

    Even without this happy to have the program… just seems an odd omission.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, you can edit Events and Scenes in the same manner as Periods, you are correct. It was intentional to have the the Big Picture, Palette and Player Order set once game play starts (i.e. after hitting “Play” from the Game Setup screen). The thought was that was the foundation of the game, both in terms of theme and game play, so it wouldn’t be a likely event that you’d want to edit them. That said, if you’re not through Game Setup yet, you can edit everything except the Big Picture. If the Big Picture is what needs to change, I’d suggest deleting the game and starting over as a workaround, since you wouldn’t have entered too much information at that point.  I’ll consider having the Big Picture be editable from the Game Setup screen, that seems reasonable. I’ll have to give the rest more thought, since I’m not sure you’d want to change the foundation of the game once started though.

    Thanks again for getting the app, and for the thoughtful feedback!

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    Michael Glasser

    Makes sense. The program is definitely set up to *play* the game from the start – and for that I think it will work fine. My wife and I have decided to finish our first game on notecards where we started it and then for our next game we will use the program. This has two benefits: we can decide which we like more / see the pros and cons of each and we do not have to try to enter all the data from an already existing game into it.

    On the I-doubt-you-will-ever-do-it idea list, it would be cool if games could be exported / imported as an XML file (or some such) so they could be moved from one device to another *and* for us geekier types we could go go back and fix mistakes when we try to use the program in ways it was not really intended to be used. No idea what format you use for saving games or how hard this would be to implement… or what demand there would be for it.

    Hmm, maybe the next Big Picture we use could be “Someone writes a program to help people play Microscope” and we can come up with all sorts of ideas. Then again, not to put your work down, that might be too small of a “Big Picture”. 🙂

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    Yes, I have a project planned for the summer that, amongst other things, will include the ability to share games (beyond sending a PDF, which you can do today). Thanks for the interest and the suggestions.

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    Michael Glasser

    Thank you for your quick responses and efforts to make the program even better based on user suggestions. Makes me even happier to have supported you with my purchase… and have already suggested the program to someone else who purchased it (and I think he might have had yet another person he knows do the same). Your excellent customer support matters to users and, hopefully, benefits you as well.

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    I appreciate the kind words, and an updated version will be out shortly!

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