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Android version?

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    Brian Raff

    I have both an android phone and a kindle fire, and would very much buy this app were it available.

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    Thanks Brian for your suggestion and interest. I’m in the process in gauging interest in an Android version (others have mentioned it as well). An iPad version is also on the list. I’ll have an update in April on the potential availability.

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    I would definitely buy an Android version of this. And force my friends to too. 😉

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    I’ll check around to see if I can get this on a faster track.

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    I would like to see an Android version as well, or some type of web application leveraging Java/Flash/Ruby/etc.

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    I also would like to see an Android version. I’ve been tempted to create one myself, or at least a webapp version, but if you’ve got this goin’ on, I’d gladly purchase this!

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    Matt Dukes

    You make an Android version and I will hold everyone I know hostage until they buy it.

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    Feel free to do that with your iPhone-bearing friends as well 🙂 I’m still researching a few options, I’ll have an update in a few days. Thanks everyone for your interest!

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    +1 for web app!

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    I may look at doing an HTML / Javascript version over the summer, but if anyone knows somebody who wants to give it a shot, by all means have them contact me.

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    Brian Raff

    Any update on either this or a web app?

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    There really hasn’t been bandwidth to investigate this further. An iPad version is in the works though.

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    – And about eh Android version ? i don’t purchase any Apple products, and i have two tablets running on Android.

    – Or java app ?

    Thanks (and giving) 😀

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    I appreciate the interest, thanks. I have another project I need to finish before the new year. I’ll see if I can address it one way or the other after that.

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    Edward Gordon

    Hey, I was wondering if any bandwidth freed up to create an android or web app?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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